Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I am STILL an awesome landlord

ALL of the vacancies are rented. Two of them for the 15th. All except the Lottridge basement of course, but since we just ripped out half the drywall that's to be expected.

Even the 3-bed! I *love* the family that have rented it. I hope that they stay a very long time.

So now, before the 15th I have to do the following:
-patch & paint the attic 1-bed bedroom and bath
-replace two kitchen floor tiles in the attic
-clean carpets in the attic and at Lottridge 1-bed
-replace ceiling fan at lottridge
-fix drawer facing at lottridge

And before the 1st of December:
-remove cruddy old wallpaper in 3rd bedroom
-demolish icky closet and replace with armoire
-fix and paint all doors in the 3-bed
-paint every freaking wall in the 3-bed
-change kitchen hardware in 3-bed
-plane sticky drawers and patch paint on cabinets
-finish bracing stair treads on fire escape
-seal door to basement
-new deadbolt and lock set on side door
-install closet doors and box in wires in closet of master bed

Hmmm...I won't be busy AT ALL. We're also getting the gears at work to put in a bunch of overtime on one of our projects. Sigh.

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