Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Too much to do, too little time!

The list:
Bedroom 1: Paint - trim, ceiling, walls, get spray paint for the floor grate
Light fixture globe, smoke alarm have to be replaced
Build out the wall around some free-standing hydro wires (not advisable in a rental with children)
Closet doors - we need them
Window Blind

Bedroom 2: Finish the god-damned wallpaper removal. I hate this job.
Paint - trim, walls
Window Blind
Armoire - we need one

Bedroom 3:
Finally the primer is finished.
Paint - trim and walls
Door stop trim so that door actually works.
Hang other door (find one first).

New Hardware
Paint - Cabinet doors, walls - I hope the trim is fine in here, I think so
Light Fixture
Stuff to get that sticky stuff from shelf paper out of cabinets
Fix drawer facing

Bathroom: Ceiling scraped
Paint - Trim, cabinet, walls, door, ceiling
Towel bars
Toilet seat

Living room:
Paint fireplace brick.

And only two weeks to do it. This should be a blast.

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