Monday, November 10, 2008

Wooph, I'm exhausted

But the attic apartment is 99% finished! I just have to hang curtains and cut and lay ONE floor tile (didn't have my knife yesterday). Bedroom and bathroom are painted, other floor tiles are down, carpets are clean, and the place is scrubbed shiny. Thanks to my mom - she kicks ass at cleaning. I mean, she's abnormal. At one point yesterday afternoon she actually said - "I like cleaning toilets! You get such a feeling of accomplishment!" Yikes.

We also got a coat of primer on the panelling in the ugly bedroom and knocked out the crappy looking closet in the blue bedroom downstairs. All of the paint colours are picked out for that apartment as well - it will be very very nice.

The party rocked, as usual. We had a bunch of people show up, everyone had lots to eat and drink, and we broke in the new house in fantastic fashion! Played Rock Band long into the night. So, regardless, I haven't slept enough, had too much to drink, and worked my ass off all weekend. I'm coming to work to get some rest.

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