Monday, January 26, 2009

Oh, and some other stuff...

You know what sucks? $1300 in gas bills. For one month. In December. January is going to be much, much higher. Yikes! At least they're only $38 in the summer. It's coooold this year.

Rob is all gung-ho fired up lately. I don't know what's gotten him all riled up. The accountant at his company has been feeding his ego lately, because he is impressed with our business plan and investment strategy. Which at the moment seems to entail using every last penny of equity and leverage we can find to grow as quickly as possible, and then in five years we'll have critical mass (when the whole kit and caboodle starts replicating itself without too much personal input). Ron, the accountant, has worked with Rob's boss since time immemorial and saw him succeed the same way. He now has 700 rental units clearing $900K in profit per year. PROFIT. And he could have had much more but got involved in land development and speculating instead. Which has also been hugely profitable.

It's scary and dicey and dangerous, but I think we'll make a go of it. Hopefully I can look back at this post in five years and not feel stupid!

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