Saturday, January 17, 2009


The new tenants have paid their deposit, and are moving in February 15. I think that's the best case scenario for this place. L. is moving out January 31, and he paid a last months' rent deposit, so even though he's bailing on his sixty days notice, I'm only losing half a months' rent. Which actually gives me time to get the carpets cleaned (which they BADLY need - blech) and a couple of small repairs made.

The new tenants, P&H, are pretty good. The caliber of tenant has really gone up since I started doing this 5 years ago (FIVE YEARS!! Holy crap). They are 25 & 36, been living together for nearly 3 years (which almost kinda makes him creepy now that I think of it, LOL), and they both have decent steady jobs that they've been at for awhile. They are very excited about the place and can't wait to move in. I always like that - I feel like I'm giving people a comfortable home to live in. Later I'll be swearing about it when something breaks on a late Saturday night, but for now I feel good about it!

The downstairs tenants at Lottridge, B&H, were a little disappointed. They missed the boat though! Their friends decided on Thursday that they would probably love to live there, but unfortunately for them I had already signed the new tenants. I hope it doesn't cause problems, but honestly I'd rather have them not know each other so well. I don't want my whole house being like a big friends' party house.

The stupid fridge is STILL on the porch at Sanford. The guy that said he was picking it up bailed and nobody told me. So I have to call the scrappers and get that gone. Oh, and the front porch light is out as well. I'm sending Rob to do that one.

Hopefully things will be quiet now for a couple of weeks.

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