Thursday, August 20, 2009

Well, it has come to that

I served the second notice to my tenants today - their termination date is set as September 3. Two weeks from today. Sigh. I was hoping it wouldn't come to this but I've received nothing but complaints from EVERYONE. Neighbors, both other tenants in the house, blah blah blah. It sucks. So I give up. I gave them a chance and now they've used it up.

So I'm hoping that they just leave, but I bet they don't. They're just stupid enough to try and fight it. I will have to go tomorrow to get a hearing date from the tribunal if I don't hear from them today. Bah. There goes $170. But at least I still have their deposit so I'll get it back, I suppose. And then holdover rent, because most people being evicted do not pay their rent either. And I'm sure they'll behave like church mice too while we're waiting. ACH! This will not go easily.

I hope I get the unit back in good shape. Before I have this baby. Lots of ifs here aren't there? :D


Monday, August 10, 2009

You learn something new every day!

And last Friday, I learned that it would actually be easier to evict someone for being loud/noisy/disruptive to their neighbors in the building than for non-payment of rent! I guess the tribunal doesn't care as much about the "rich landlord" not getting paid - but they do care about people living comfortably.

I've gotten a couple of complaints regarding my young couple with the new baby (P&A at Spadina #1) - lots of fighting and yelling and slamming doors, etc. Normally I just try to smooth this stuff over with both parties until they work it out. OR i prefer to stay completely UNinvolved.

However, last Thursday night/Friday morning, the police were called to the house for a domestic disturbance. UNACCEPTABLE. My upstairs neighbors were the first to tell me about this, and I wrote up the N5 warning. In reading through it (I've never done this before) I realized that they get a 3-week notice with a 7-day notice to cure. If they get a second complaint in the 7 days I can file a court date. If they get a second N5 warning in the next 6 months, they get a 14-day notice with no notice-to-cure. In other words, you're out. They can dispute charges at the hearing, but the judges don't look kindly on rowdies.

I heard from the cross-ways neighbor that they've been causing some issues with all the neighbors, which I don't like. The guy next door to the North is a bit of a dick, but it's still not acceptable to be hearing this crap about them fighting in the street at 4am, yelling and throwing stuff. So I served the notice.

I got a very scared boy calling me about an hour later. He's panicking! And making lots of excuses. I hope this scares him straight and he keeps his mouth shut from now on. We shall see.

How funny would it be to go to a tribunal hearing 9 months pregnant?