Monday, August 10, 2009

You learn something new every day!

And last Friday, I learned that it would actually be easier to evict someone for being loud/noisy/disruptive to their neighbors in the building than for non-payment of rent! I guess the tribunal doesn't care as much about the "rich landlord" not getting paid - but they do care about people living comfortably.

I've gotten a couple of complaints regarding my young couple with the new baby (P&A at Spadina #1) - lots of fighting and yelling and slamming doors, etc. Normally I just try to smooth this stuff over with both parties until they work it out. OR i prefer to stay completely UNinvolved.

However, last Thursday night/Friday morning, the police were called to the house for a domestic disturbance. UNACCEPTABLE. My upstairs neighbors were the first to tell me about this, and I wrote up the N5 warning. In reading through it (I've never done this before) I realized that they get a 3-week notice with a 7-day notice to cure. If they get a second complaint in the 7 days I can file a court date. If they get a second N5 warning in the next 6 months, they get a 14-day notice with no notice-to-cure. In other words, you're out. They can dispute charges at the hearing, but the judges don't look kindly on rowdies.

I heard from the cross-ways neighbor that they've been causing some issues with all the neighbors, which I don't like. The guy next door to the North is a bit of a dick, but it's still not acceptable to be hearing this crap about them fighting in the street at 4am, yelling and throwing stuff. So I served the notice.

I got a very scared boy calling me about an hour later. He's panicking! And making lots of excuses. I hope this scares him straight and he keeps his mouth shut from now on. We shall see.

How funny would it be to go to a tribunal hearing 9 months pregnant?

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