Saturday, September 6, 2008

Cleared Conditions

I forgot to update. We've cleared conditions on the Sanford house! Our mortgage broker is amazing. The lowest rate out there right now is 5.39% fixed for five years. She got us 5.32%!! We were thinking about going variable, but the best out there for that is prime less 0.3%. Right now prime is 4.75% and it hasn't been moving in either direction for awhile. For the little bit of gain, the risk isn't worth getting a variable rate that is less than 1 point lower than our fixed rate.

So, we let the sellers know that we have cleared all our conditions and we'll be buying this pile of bricks on October 29. Now for all the fun stuff - I've called the insurance agent, he's coming out next week to take photos and give us a quote. No rush there. I've got all the utilities switched for Oct 29 - the only one I'm sorta worried about is the water heater rental - they've shipped their call center overseas, I can tell by the accents. And the fact that they really have no idea what I'm talking about. All I have to do now is get a PO Box and we're all set.

Phew! Oh - and I've got 4 roofers coming out to give us a quote on this beast. Our principal residence is leaking and groaning about roof replacement. Bah. It's going to be HUGE! One of the companies is DeLuca roofing, who does all the roofs for the homebuilder Rob works for (167 last year), so he says they'll give us a really good price. We'll see.

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