Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A random update of shit that's happened

I keep meaning to keep this updated with landlord shit and I forget! Or it just depresses me while it's happening so I don't bother. :)Anyway - starting last Friday.

Thursday: Sanford, front door lock is busted, key stuck in door. I say - don't latch it, be careful, and I'll come change it out tomorrow.

Friday: BLIZZARD. Sanford #3 Phone call - my fridge is dead. Clock is too, so I think it's the breaker. IT'S EFFING BLIZZARDING, nothing I can do.

Friday: Sanford #2. Oh hey, a piece of roof flashing is whipping around in the wind, kinda scary. My response: Still snowed in, even more now, nothing I can do. Be careful.

Friday: Sanford #3. Oh hey, a piece of roof is busted. Thanks. I got it. Be careful.

Saturday morning: To hardware store for new lock. To Sanford, check breaker. Fried. Replace lock. Back to hardware store for new breaker. Screwdriver is too fat. Back to home for skinny screwdriver, back to Sanford, replace breaker. Works! YAY! I AM A MOTHER-EFFING ELECTRICIAN! Deliver new keys to tenants, say have a great day, I am off to Tillsonburg for family Christmas dinner.

Five minutes later: Lottridge #2. Uh, Melissa, I tripped a breaker. WHARGARRBL. Zip to Lottridge, flip breaker. Do NOT shave and blow dry at the same time. Doesn't work.

Five minutes later: Arrive at home. Husband: Bathroom pipes are frozen again, no shower. Off to friends for lightning fast shower, then to Tillsonburg for food and fun - supposed to be there at 3:30 - got there at 5 as dinner was being served.

Sunday: Sanford #3: Fridge is out again. What? Back again, flip breaker, fridge compressor is shorting out. Must buy new fridge. Delivery going to be an issue with Christmas and all. Tenant says no biggie - bachelor has no real food in fridge anyway. yay.

Yesterday: Pipes finally thaw in bathroom. Deliver tenant gifts, everyone happy. yay.This is not a typical weekend, but it can happen! Be aware, before you decide property investment is a good idea!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Proud of myself and nobody cares!

I came to a realization last night that I am the dominant partner in our business. I love Rob dearly, and I am glad he is around because I am not sure that I could have gotten started without his drive. Also - I hate paying bills so he is good for the money management part.

However, if I walked away from this marriage I would either take the bulk of the investment or he would be screwed. He doesn't know our tenants names or who belongs to what house. He doesn't know what they pay individually (he knows what the total rent is but what comes from where, he's not sure). He doesn't know who pays by email (or my email address to check on it), who pays by check, and who can only be trusted with cash or money order. He doesn't know how to update the website or list an ad, or show an apartment, or go to court for an eviction. He doesn't have our lawn guy's phone number or know his schedule. He doesn't know where the water shutoffs are, or the furnace kill switches. He would have a hard time finding my receipt book.

I do 90% of the maintenance. He doesn't know basic plumbing repairs, and is chicken about electrical. He is very good at construction and finish carpentry, which I am not. He doesn't paint. Obviously he is a smart cookie and could figure out all these things but it would go to hell in a handbasket for awhile. He'd have to start from scratch. I'm not sure he realizes this. I find it very empowering. Perhaps that is wrong to feel that way - but it's nice to know that it is *MY* hard work that makes us successful. My day job is alright but not exactly soul-satisfying. Somehow, the apartment management is much more so. Once in awhile, when we fight and he gets mean (it's a family trait) he says "You wouldn't be here without me!" I can say "Well you fucking wouldn't be here without me, either, buddy!" I'm not sure that would help the situation, but it makes me feel better.

I just feel strong and confident and totally capable. I realized all this last night, by the way, standing on a six-foot stepladder wiring and hanging a ceiling fan over my head with NO HELP AT ALL while Rob stayed home and watched The Cosby Show. An hour before that I had replaced the ballcock valve in the toilet in the upstairs unit. So I'm not sure I'm on the winning end of all this. ;)

Perhaps I am a bad wife. I think I am a damn good business partner!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A weight is lifted

I'm done I'm done I'm done! Yay! The place looked great when they moved in and I think they are really happy with it. I'm 50% collected on rents but they are all accounted for. My upstairs kids always forget to go to the bank so they'll have it tonight. My two contractor guys are both out of town on jobs. One will be back tomorrow and one will be back on Thursday. That's fine with me!