Wednesday, August 22, 2007

OMG? Who are you?

Yeah, I know. I haven't updated in forever. But seriously, folks - my life is not so interesting. I don't do anything except work, play baseball, and do renovations. I am SICK OF RENOVATING.

Haha, not really. I'm sick of renovating on a time crunch, because we are seriously running out of time and not one single thing is finished. Everything is *almost* finished. We need to finish SOMETHING!!

Well, the utility room is finished. Augh - no it's not! It has a new furnace and a brand spankin new water heater, but the electrical panel still needs two new breakers. Bah.

The kitchen is getting it's final coat of paint today, the colour is going on. I'm excited about that. Cabinets are partially built, countertop is ordered, tomorrow we go buy a stove. Fridge is clean.

The living room is our work area as it needed the least amount of effort. Only one short section of wall had to be replaced and the extension added to the heating ductwork. All it needs now is a coat of primer and paint. Too bad there's a big saw and piles of lumber and drywall all over the place!

The bedroom has had half of it's walls replaced, and the walk-in closet is all framed and insulated. Drywall needs to be finished in there. Paint.

The bathroom still needs a shower ceiling. All the busted ceiling tiles have to be replaced (we have them, they're in a pile in the living room). Ack!

Too much to do.

Other than that, my ball team finished 3rd with a record of 14-5-2. Pretty freaking good.

And we're going to the Dominican in January with Mike and Liz and seriously looking forward to it.

Have to go to a wedding on Labour Day weekend. Gah. In Oshawa.