Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What's going on in here?!

Long time no chat again!  Sheesh.  My daytime life (the well-paying one) and my real life (the cute cuddly smiley one) have taken over and quite honestly I am just skating by in the long-term wealth short-term frustration life.  J  I'm not even sure where I left off…I think with the rehab project, we had just closed with the ridiculous bank restrictions and last minute eff-ups.

WELL.  The landlord life has continued in much the same way except that our previous few years of relative ease and low maintenance have come full circle and this is the year of the fix.  5 fridges and 3 stoves in less than 4 months people!!  That is not cool.  Not to mention a furnace, a sewer backup, and a new roof as well.  Yay for tax deductions?  Sigh. 

I've been having some minor tenant issues as well.  My sweet hottie in the attic at Sanford turned out to be a rather unpleasant drunk (only when drunk, so it took me totally by surprise) who caused quite an uproar in the neighbourhood, including bylaw infractions for noise and disturbing the peace.  Fun stuff.  Eviction went amazingly smoothly, though, he was out when I asked, and even THANKED ME.  Weird.  And the place was relatively clean (tenant clean, not clean clean) when I went in there.  Only some very minor damage. 

It actually worked out really well, because 3 days before he was out, my basement girl at Spadina 1 gave notice (sick of living in a basement, and I don't blame her).  Then the very next day, her sewer backed up, just to be a jerk.  YAY SEWAGE!!!  The serendipity gods were smiling on me, because all she had to do was stay with her mom for three days and I slid her on over into the hottie's attic, which she LOVES.  And she took back her notice, so phew, I didn't have to show the attic.  I hate showing the attic.

One of the units on the rehab (Spadina 2) is finished and looks FAB.  All new ceramic tile floors through the bath, kitchen, and hallway, new kitchen cabinets and fixtures, new fridge, new bath fixtures, new paint on every wall.  It looks amazing.  I'm showing it right now, since our first tenant barely made a dent and only stayed 4 months as school transferred her co-op to a different city. 

The second floor unit remains to be done, and it will be a similar re-do – kitchen, bath, floors.  A bit more flooring as we have to do ALL the rooms.  We are thinking hardwoods in the bedrooms and living room and tile everywhere else.  The kitchen is small but serviceable, and there's a weird second entrance door that needs something done to it. 

Then we re-finance the puppy and pay off some of our massive debt! YAY! 

On the homefront, the three of us are still crammed into our dilapidated one-bedroom while we wait…and wait…and wait…for construction to start on our own little townhouse.  I'm so excited!