Saturday, November 29, 2008

Random Chaos

Last night was the best worker bee night ever - we got so much done.

The list now:

Updating the still-to-do LIST:
Master Bedroom:-hang closet doors-finish painting inside closet
Bedroom 2:-install armoire
Bedroom 3: -hang door
Kitchen:-get rid of that blue gunk in the cabinets (install shelf paper I think)-move blinds from bedroom to kitchen window
Living Room:

That is great. I thought I'd be working all day today but I only have to finish these last few things. I'm waiting at home right now since Rob forgot his keys, but then I'm off to the CT to get the armoire and a couple of extra sets of keys.

The kids are moving in to Lottridge as we speak, and the family at Sanford has their keys so they can move in tomorrow. I have been running around like the proverbial decapitated chicken trying to keep everything organized. Since the kids are moving in two days earlier they are not getting a clean apartment. I have to reimburse them for the carpet cleaner rental which is just fine. I hate cleaning so if they want to talk me out of it no problem. This way I can focus on Sanford anyway. I can get it spic and span for tomorrow. I'm tired, my back and knee are killing me and I need a break. Then do it again in the spring!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Still working

Updating the still-to-do LIST:

Master Bedroom:-build out wall around hydro wires-hang closet doors-paint ceiling-hang curtains
Bedroom 2:-install armoire-hang curtains
Bedroom 3: -paint ceiling-hang door-hang curtains
Bathroom-paint walls and ceiling-install light fixture
Kitchen:-paint walls-install cabinet hardware-get rid of that blue gunk in the cabinets (install shelf paper I think)-move blinds from bedroom to kitchen window-install light fixture
Living Room:-wash blinds (blech)

Hmmm...I think that's all. I have until Saturday. Should accomplish it. I hope.

I think that's al

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Too much to do, too little time!

The list:
Bedroom 1: Paint - trim, ceiling, walls, get spray paint for the floor grate
Light fixture globe, smoke alarm have to be replaced
Build out the wall around some free-standing hydro wires (not advisable in a rental with children)
Closet doors - we need them
Window Blind

Bedroom 2: Finish the god-damned wallpaper removal. I hate this job.
Paint - trim, walls
Window Blind
Armoire - we need one

Bedroom 3:
Finally the primer is finished.
Paint - trim and walls
Door stop trim so that door actually works.
Hang other door (find one first).

New Hardware
Paint - Cabinet doors, walls - I hope the trim is fine in here, I think so
Light Fixture
Stuff to get that sticky stuff from shelf paper out of cabinets
Fix drawer facing

Bathroom: Ceiling scraped
Paint - Trim, cabinet, walls, door, ceiling
Towel bars
Toilet seat

Living room:
Paint fireplace brick.

And only two weeks to do it. This should be a blast.

Friday, November 14, 2008


That's what I spent on paint today. That seems a bit crazy for a 750 square foot apartment. Ah well - I guess I'm too decorative.

Tomorrow is move-in day!

For one tenant, at least. S. in the attic. We do keys and paperwork (and money) tomorrow. Yay money. We are stretched sooooo thin here. The new roof on our house is going to cost $15,000. FIFTEEN THOUSAND EFFING DOLLARS!!! But ah well, it has to be done. Plus the new eavestroughs at Lottridge are about $600, and then the basement has to be fixed up again, drywall mostly. Renovations at Sanford are running into the $700 range. And I'm praying to the furnace gods that the furnace on Sanford holds out for one more winter.

But I have a very cool new toy that is helping with the landlord thing - my blackberry! I LOVE it! It's like my whole life in a slick little package. I get my emails from my tenants immediately, and I can reply to them right away. Soooo much better. Now when we are gone for the weekend, I can take care of everything remotely. I love it.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Wooph, I'm exhausted

But the attic apartment is 99% finished! I just have to hang curtains and cut and lay ONE floor tile (didn't have my knife yesterday). Bedroom and bathroom are painted, other floor tiles are down, carpets are clean, and the place is scrubbed shiny. Thanks to my mom - she kicks ass at cleaning. I mean, she's abnormal. At one point yesterday afternoon she actually said - "I like cleaning toilets! You get such a feeling of accomplishment!" Yikes.

We also got a coat of primer on the panelling in the ugly bedroom and knocked out the crappy looking closet in the blue bedroom downstairs. All of the paint colours are picked out for that apartment as well - it will be very very nice.

The party rocked, as usual. We had a bunch of people show up, everyone had lots to eat and drink, and we broke in the new house in fantastic fashion! Played Rock Band long into the night. So, regardless, I haven't slept enough, had too much to drink, and worked my ass off all weekend. I'm coming to work to get some rest.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I am STILL an awesome landlord

ALL of the vacancies are rented. Two of them for the 15th. All except the Lottridge basement of course, but since we just ripped out half the drywall that's to be expected.

Even the 3-bed! I *love* the family that have rented it. I hope that they stay a very long time.

So now, before the 15th I have to do the following:
-patch & paint the attic 1-bed bedroom and bath
-replace two kitchen floor tiles in the attic
-clean carpets in the attic and at Lottridge 1-bed
-replace ceiling fan at lottridge
-fix drawer facing at lottridge

And before the 1st of December:
-remove cruddy old wallpaper in 3rd bedroom
-demolish icky closet and replace with armoire
-fix and paint all doors in the 3-bed
-paint every freaking wall in the 3-bed
-change kitchen hardware in 3-bed
-plane sticky drawers and patch paint on cabinets
-finish bracing stair treads on fire escape
-seal door to basement
-new deadbolt and lock set on side door
-install closet doors and box in wires in closet of master bed

Hmmm...I won't be busy AT ALL. We're also getting the gears at work to put in a bunch of overtime on one of our projects. Sigh.