Saturday, November 29, 2008

Random Chaos

Last night was the best worker bee night ever - we got so much done.

The list now:

Updating the still-to-do LIST:
Master Bedroom:-hang closet doors-finish painting inside closet
Bedroom 2:-install armoire
Bedroom 3: -hang door
Kitchen:-get rid of that blue gunk in the cabinets (install shelf paper I think)-move blinds from bedroom to kitchen window
Living Room:

That is great. I thought I'd be working all day today but I only have to finish these last few things. I'm waiting at home right now since Rob forgot his keys, but then I'm off to the CT to get the armoire and a couple of extra sets of keys.

The kids are moving in to Lottridge as we speak, and the family at Sanford has their keys so they can move in tomorrow. I have been running around like the proverbial decapitated chicken trying to keep everything organized. Since the kids are moving in two days earlier they are not getting a clean apartment. I have to reimburse them for the carpet cleaner rental which is just fine. I hate cleaning so if they want to talk me out of it no problem. This way I can focus on Sanford anyway. I can get it spic and span for tomorrow. I'm tired, my back and knee are killing me and I need a break. Then do it again in the spring!