Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mortgage finally closed!


That only took two weeks of wrangling.

Public Service Announcement: If you hire only ONE good professional, make it your lawyer. And I don't even care if the actual lawyer is good, all he does is sit there and sign your papers when you finish everything. Make sure he has the best bulldog legal person (are they techs? I dunno) around. They are worth their weight in gold. That way, it doesn't matter who screws up - if the mortgage company drops the ball, if your broker checks out of the communication pool, if your seller dicks around, if the seller's realtor is a lazy can pass that information to your legal person and they will make it allllll better.

I have heard of people doing these things on their own to save money - doing all their own title searches and stuff and just showing up to get the lawyer to sign. This is very very foolish. There is just something important about a phone call or a nasty email when it has a law office's signature on the bottom.

Robyn is my hero at my lawyer's office. She has smoothed over so many bumps, and we've only made 3 purchases and 2 refinances. She is amazing and this whole thing would be incredibly stressful without her.

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