Wednesday, March 21, 2007


So after we took possession we set right to work. First thing - figure out what we need to do.

The painting they did was horrible. So we have to finish that. Mom and Sister put a second coat on the foyer and Apartment #2's kitchen cabinets. They also did a good cleaning.

I Shop-vacced the fireplace in Apt 2, and went down to the basement to discover my prize! They had junked, but left (thank God! Probably due to its weight) the fireplace insert. It's glorious. A vintage, probably original cast iron grate, weighs about 75 pounds. And it's not painted! Apt #2 is about ready to go.

Apt #1 is already rented, and the horrid room is in there. It needs wallpaper and ugly-ass border stripped, and it needs to be primed and repainted. We have enough white paint to cover the red. And we have a various assortment of blue paints to make up a nice shade of calm blue for the room. It is going to be a boy's bedroom, so all is good. That's what we're doing tonight.

We also have to fix the kitchen light switch. That might get delayed until after can turn the light on and off, but it's a switch ON the fixture. You have to climb on a chair to do it. Mike is going to help me wire a new wall switch. And the railing on the second floor deck is not exactly safe. Ha. None of the spindels are attached at the bottom. Locks need to be changed. Stove for Apt #1 has been purchased and will be delivered on March 31. Two breakers are oversized and MUST be changed. Apt #2's bathroom needs towel rods, toilet paper holder, and a floor vent.

Don't even ask me about the basement apartment. That's a total re-do. :) At least we planned on that.

Then we had a kick-ass drunkfest BBQ for our friends and family, and our real estate agent and her husband. She really busted her butt for us, and she's 3 weeks from giving birth! We just had burgers and hotdogs, and people brought camp chairs to sit in. It was a blast and we didn't get home until 4am. Yay!

Then on Monday Rob went and spent the whole day in ER for a kidney stone! Yay! Way to mess up our plans, Fate! Ah well. At least he passed it, and is only a bit sore now. Not that he's doing any work. Boy has soccer tryouts for under 16 today, so Mom and Sister and I and Mike are doing the wallpaper mess tonight. Yay.

Before and after pictures to come!

Busy busy busy

Yes, I haven't updated in ages. But, really, everything has either been same old same old, or incredibly frustrating!

So, anyway - we closed on the house on Friday! Not without a great deal of drama, mind you. We had our "substantial completion" inspection on February 21, where nothing (of course) was anywhere near completed. In the contract of sale, they were to finish painting to our satisfaction, and replace a wall they were in the process of tearing down. Not so much, really. Oh, and clean all the crap out of the basement. There was a lot of crap. At the end of our inspection, we left a laundry list. Because, well, finishing painting also involves replacing switchplates and cabinet hardware, in my opinion.

So, final inspection last Wednesday. For those of you who have not sold a house, final inspection takes place after the seller has given up a copy of the keys to their lawyer, but before the buyer takes possession. Basically, you should be packed and ready to move, or already moved. It usually is one or two days before closing day.

Yeah. We showed up on Wednesday, closing is Friday. Nothing is done. Guy isn't even PACKED. No painting finished. No clean-up in basement. Oh - wall is replaced. Badly.

We call the lawyer, say "What now?" Lawyer says, negotiate a price decrease. Set agent to work. Ha! We FINALLY hear from them Thursday night, and it's this - "We're finishing the work. We'll be done by 6 tomorrow."

FREAK OUT!!! Keys must be exchanged, money signed over, before 5pm on closing day. Technically, you aren't even supposed to be there past midnight the night before. Frantic calls go out, no response from selling agent. No response Friday morning either. We start to panic. Have plans for the weekend! Tenants moving in April 1, need to complete work! If they delay closing past 5pm, we won't be able to close until Monday!

Call lawyer again. Lawyer sends cease and desist letter to seller's lawyer. Basically, contact us for meeting before we take possession or we WILL delay.

They call, frantic. Will sue if we delay. HAHAHAHAHA!! Apparently, now it's *OUR* fault they've delayed everything. I finally saw the place at 2pm on Friday, and said "STOP PAINTING!" The colour is awful, the work is terrible. At least the basement junk is gone.

Seller begs and pleads and mistakenly tells me he HAS to close because otherwise his other purchase will fall through because -TADA- he has no bridge financing.

I don't want bad karma, so I agree to sign off. I then get the keys from my lawyer, thereby releasing his money to him, and sit in my parked car for 2.5 hours watching them move out of MY house. The fiancee even dared tosay "You don't have to sit there and stare at us you know!" Yes. I do. You're trespassing and I *could* call the police.

To Be Continued...