Friday, November 30, 2007

I have decided to focus my energies

Why have I not updated recently? Hey, because my life is incredibly boring! Haha! Well, it is to me, lately.

Anyway, I think I am going to start using this thing more often again, focusing on the fun and exciting life of a landlord. I figure it'd be good, when the shit hits the fan, to remember the good times. Or, at least, to remember the previous shit/fan times and realize that it didn't work out THAT badly. My friends list (not exactly voluminous) may get bored of landlord fun, so feel free to tell me off about it!

This way, I'll probably throw in some real life stuff too, to keep it interesting.

My office stinks of coffee. I got a big old 5% raise today (yay!) and I'll be getting my official engineer stamp later this month. My God. Nearly 6 years I've been doing this job. Now I'll have legal responsibility and all that crap.

Anyway...on the property front. Tomorrow is rent day and not one single tenant has called me yet for my money pick-up time. My #3 tenant is out of town until Monday for a wedding, but he's my brother so I know where to track him down. :) Upstairs chick is paid, but her cousin hasn't. I usually nab him on the porch sometime tomorrow. He pays with a cert. check so he's always good.

I'm pretty happy with my tenants right now. #1 tenant (this is not ranked in order of faves, only by unit # at the triplex by the way) has just moved in at the beginning of November, so this is the first time they have to pay in residence. I hope it goes well, I've had a few twinges about her. She seems okay, and doesn't give me any trouble, but this is usually when they try to push their boundaries.

#2 tenant usually calls me a day or two before rent is due, I'm wondering if she's Christmas-strapped. She has a 2-year-old granddaughter, so she may be waiting on payday. She also may be on afternoons this week. We shall see. I love her so I don't want to push her around, but she better be around before Sunday.

Our own personal bathroom hasn't even fucking been started yet. The toilet is leaking, the shower faucet is trashed, the shower surround is popping off (can't wait to see the water damage there) and the floor has some serious soft spots. We have been putting this off way too long.

I'm hoping my boss pays my Christmas bonus in Home Depot giftcards this year. That bathroom is going to cost us at least $1000 and give me some seriously grey hairs. Who guts their only bathroom and re-does it top to bottom?

Me. Crazy me. That's who. Anyone have a shower I can borrow for a few weeks?