Thursday, January 31, 2008

I should never have started this

A few months ago, I said I would focus this journal, for my own sake, on landlording and all it's fun. I should never have done that! I've never been so lively since I started blogging about it.

My uber-tenant Kim is moving into her boyfriend's house. No surprise there, they've become attached at the hip. I wish her the best, but seriously, I love her. Apparently her son wants the place so she's going to assign her rental agreement and last months' rent to him. But I've called to arrange a meeting with the guy, and nobody's called me back yet. Sigh. I hope I don't have to find a tenant for that place too. I'm assuming my brother will be moving out at graduation, in May. So between December and May I will have had 100% turnover in both houses. Yikes!

Ah well - I have really good tenants right now, especially if son-of-Kim works out. Lance is great, haven't heard from him, not a whisper. The new girl upstairs, Roxanne, seems like a dream come true.

Piles of snow due for tomorrow. Yay.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


The upstairs of our duplex is rented. Yay. To get deposit on Thursday and I'll be all cemented. She's moving in March 1.

I'm finishing the bloody apartment at the triplex tonight, giving the guy his keys and paperwork tomorrow. So we'll be occupado on our vacation. I don't like leaving a vacant unit.


I took Wednesday and Thursday off because I had a feeling I'd be incredibly busy, which I am. We haven't even dusted off the suitcases, let alone pack. I have to do a ton of shopping after I get paid on Thursday. I have to put my house in some semblance of order before I leave. I have to do 18 loads of laundry before we can pack. Rob thinks he's getting sick, which really sucks. I'd rather it be me, because I can still have a good time - he may be miserable.

But I don't care. I'm going to the Dominican Republic and I'm going to get sunburnt, drink too much, and eat too much, and take 600 pictures. See ya!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Three showings scheduled, still getting calls!


I did not expect to be getting these results in the middle of January, but fine by me. One tomorrow night is going to be an easy "no" she has a dog, and when questioned on type, she says "Mixed Breed, medium sized". I love dogs, and I really have a soft spot for the bully breeds (pits, mastiffs, staffies) but Rob is terrified of dogs, especially the toothy-smiled ones. And anyone who shies away from naming a cross-breed, you know exactly what kind of dog that is. I mean, nobody would say "uh, mixed breed" if they had a cocker spaniel cross. I actually once had someone say "Sheltie mix" - when I met the dog, she MAYBE had a Sheltie grandpa - the rest was pure bull terrier! :)

Anyway, I'm also showing to someone who is hearing impaired. That will be an interesting showing - her son called for her and I assume will come with. Although I get that she can speak, just not clearly enough for the phone. The only thing I worry about is contacting her once she were in residence, if she qualifies. Saturday's appointment looks to be good so far too - except she has a motorcycle and is looking for a place to keep it. That will be awkward with our driveway/yard/garage situation.

I have one more on message right now to call back. Hopefully he works out nicely as well.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Yet ANOTHER vacancy - what is this - a mass exodus?

The upstairs kids gave notice today. Ah well. They were a bit stubborn on the "paying on time" thing but I always got my rent and they were nice kids. Quiet, work hard, clean type of kids. Sarah's been there since October 06, so that's a good run for that apartment. They want a place closer to school now, so I can't give them hell for that. At least they're going to school!

They understand the concept of 2 months notice but would still like to be out end of February. And not pay for March, of course. I gave them my usual deal - if they pay February 1 as agreed, and I find someone to take over March 1, then I will give them back their last months' rent.

So the place is listed all over hell's half acre and hopefully I find someone decent. January is a pain in the arse. Especially since I'll be gone for a week. Such is life.

One positive note - every time one of tenant's leave, they always have a friend who wants the place - I guess that means I'm a good landlord. I don't know if I'll accept said friend. We shall see.

With all this turnover I gots myself a fancy webpage, wanna see?

Our website

Oh, and I got vacant possession on Monday as expected and have to paint tonight. The place is a mess, urgh. I'm seriously going to hire a cleaner to do this sort of thing. I hate it. New guy gets his keys on the 15th.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Tenants will be out by Monday

Wow. Totally did not expect this to go so well. They are moving out this weekend and I'll have vacant possession on Monday. That means I can get in and clean and paint next week, and turn it over before we go to the Dominican. Yay!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

January 3

Happy New Year, everyone!

It's January 3 and 1.5 rents are late. Half the upstairs (they pay individually and somehow I've let that continue) and the basement at Lottridge. But both are my students and they (students) are late every January. One is getting her OSAP Friday, one is getting her bursary on Monday. So it's coming and I just have to live with late January rent if I rent to students. I did the same thing! :)

I still have to get confirmation on move-out date from Lottridge #1. I'm not going to be comfortable until they are completely out, honestly. It worries me that they haven't contacted me at all. And I hate calling people to harass them. Ah well. Tomorrow I must bug them.

It is going on a week with no toilet in my own home. Do you know what that's like? It's a giant pain in the ass, that's what it's like. My husband is not exactly speedy gonzales with the floor finishing, either, so that we can put down the stupid toilet.