Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Yet ANOTHER vacancy - what is this - a mass exodus?

The upstairs kids gave notice today. Ah well. They were a bit stubborn on the "paying on time" thing but I always got my rent and they were nice kids. Quiet, work hard, clean type of kids. Sarah's been there since October 06, so that's a good run for that apartment. They want a place closer to school now, so I can't give them hell for that. At least they're going to school!

They understand the concept of 2 months notice but would still like to be out end of February. And not pay for March, of course. I gave them my usual deal - if they pay February 1 as agreed, and I find someone to take over March 1, then I will give them back their last months' rent.

So the place is listed all over hell's half acre and hopefully I find someone decent. January is a pain in the arse. Especially since I'll be gone for a week. Such is life.

One positive note - every time one of tenant's leave, they always have a friend who wants the place - I guess that means I'm a good landlord. I don't know if I'll accept said friend. We shall see.

With all this turnover I gots myself a fancy webpage, wanna see?

Our website

Oh, and I got vacant possession on Monday as expected and have to paint tonight. The place is a mess, urgh. I'm seriously going to hire a cleaner to do this sort of thing. I hate it. New guy gets his keys on the 15th.

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