Thursday, January 10, 2008

Three showings scheduled, still getting calls!


I did not expect to be getting these results in the middle of January, but fine by me. One tomorrow night is going to be an easy "no" she has a dog, and when questioned on type, she says "Mixed Breed, medium sized". I love dogs, and I really have a soft spot for the bully breeds (pits, mastiffs, staffies) but Rob is terrified of dogs, especially the toothy-smiled ones. And anyone who shies away from naming a cross-breed, you know exactly what kind of dog that is. I mean, nobody would say "uh, mixed breed" if they had a cocker spaniel cross. I actually once had someone say "Sheltie mix" - when I met the dog, she MAYBE had a Sheltie grandpa - the rest was pure bull terrier! :)

Anyway, I'm also showing to someone who is hearing impaired. That will be an interesting showing - her son called for her and I assume will come with. Although I get that she can speak, just not clearly enough for the phone. The only thing I worry about is contacting her once she were in residence, if she qualifies. Saturday's appointment looks to be good so far too - except she has a motorcycle and is looking for a place to keep it. That will be awkward with our driveway/yard/garage situation.

I have one more on message right now to call back. Hopefully he works out nicely as well.

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