Thursday, January 31, 2008

I should never have started this

A few months ago, I said I would focus this journal, for my own sake, on landlording and all it's fun. I should never have done that! I've never been so lively since I started blogging about it.

My uber-tenant Kim is moving into her boyfriend's house. No surprise there, they've become attached at the hip. I wish her the best, but seriously, I love her. Apparently her son wants the place so she's going to assign her rental agreement and last months' rent to him. But I've called to arrange a meeting with the guy, and nobody's called me back yet. Sigh. I hope I don't have to find a tenant for that place too. I'm assuming my brother will be moving out at graduation, in May. So between December and May I will have had 100% turnover in both houses. Yikes!

Ah well - I have really good tenants right now, especially if son-of-Kim works out. Lance is great, haven't heard from him, not a whisper. The new girl upstairs, Roxanne, seems like a dream come true.

Piles of snow due for tomorrow. Yay.

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