Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mortgage companies

So - we're with firstline mortgages for our primary residence (where we live) and it has come time to renew the mortgage. We've decided to add a HELOC (home equity line of credit) to finance our next purchase. This should not be hard.
I started the process in January - the house was valued at $235K and we only owe $146K, so even at 80% we can pull out about $40K. Nice.
We were supposed to close on April 1. We didn't. I think firstline fired a bunch of staff or something, and now with the rates being ridiculously cheap they're swamped. And service has suffered.
So now it's the 9th tomorrow, we finally got the mess sorted. We thought. Went to sign the papers at the lawyer's office - and it was ALL WRONG!! So mad crazy rush today and it looks like we're fine. We'll see tomorrow I guess.
If this is how they treat a repeat client who has 3 mortgages and has refinanced twice (not all with them, but still), what are they doing to people who don't know what to fight? Our rate was 0.4% too high. That's a lot of money over 5 years.
Anyway, we'll be looking at some more props this weekend. Yay!
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