Friday, November 14, 2008

Tomorrow is move-in day!

For one tenant, at least. S. in the attic. We do keys and paperwork (and money) tomorrow. Yay money. We are stretched sooooo thin here. The new roof on our house is going to cost $15,000. FIFTEEN THOUSAND EFFING DOLLARS!!! But ah well, it has to be done. Plus the new eavestroughs at Lottridge are about $600, and then the basement has to be fixed up again, drywall mostly. Renovations at Sanford are running into the $700 range. And I'm praying to the furnace gods that the furnace on Sanford holds out for one more winter.

But I have a very cool new toy that is helping with the landlord thing - my blackberry! I LOVE it! It's like my whole life in a slick little package. I get my emails from my tenants immediately, and I can reply to them right away. Soooo much better. Now when we are gone for the weekend, I can take care of everything remotely. I love it.

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