Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A random update of shit that's happened

I keep meaning to keep this updated with landlord shit and I forget! Or it just depresses me while it's happening so I don't bother. :)Anyway - starting last Friday.

Thursday: Sanford, front door lock is busted, key stuck in door. I say - don't latch it, be careful, and I'll come change it out tomorrow.

Friday: BLIZZARD. Sanford #3 Phone call - my fridge is dead. Clock is too, so I think it's the breaker. IT'S EFFING BLIZZARDING, nothing I can do.

Friday: Sanford #2. Oh hey, a piece of roof flashing is whipping around in the wind, kinda scary. My response: Still snowed in, even more now, nothing I can do. Be careful.

Friday: Sanford #3. Oh hey, a piece of roof is busted. Thanks. I got it. Be careful.

Saturday morning: To hardware store for new lock. To Sanford, check breaker. Fried. Replace lock. Back to hardware store for new breaker. Screwdriver is too fat. Back to home for skinny screwdriver, back to Sanford, replace breaker. Works! YAY! I AM A MOTHER-EFFING ELECTRICIAN! Deliver new keys to tenants, say have a great day, I am off to Tillsonburg for family Christmas dinner.

Five minutes later: Lottridge #2. Uh, Melissa, I tripped a breaker. WHARGARRBL. Zip to Lottridge, flip breaker. Do NOT shave and blow dry at the same time. Doesn't work.

Five minutes later: Arrive at home. Husband: Bathroom pipes are frozen again, no shower. Off to friends for lightning fast shower, then to Tillsonburg for food and fun - supposed to be there at 3:30 - got there at 5 as dinner was being served.

Sunday: Sanford #3: Fridge is out again. What? Back again, flip breaker, fridge compressor is shorting out. Must buy new fridge. Delivery going to be an issue with Christmas and all. Tenant says no biggie - bachelor has no real food in fridge anyway. yay.

Yesterday: Pipes finally thaw in bathroom. Deliver tenant gifts, everyone happy. yay.This is not a typical weekend, but it can happen! Be aware, before you decide property investment is a good idea!