Friday, September 19, 2008

I must be buying a house...

Because my basement kids gave notice! Great! Oh, and the third floor apartment at the new place is now vacant - no real surprise there. A lot of people move out when houses change hands. It's also not a bad thing, since she was paying SUPER LOW rent. It'll be vacant for a month but at least I can get someone in at market rent. But it's going to be a very busy fall for me - I have to get three apartments rented as fast as humanly possible or it's going to be a lean Christmas at the Ostrowercha house. ;) At least the attic and the basement at Lottridge will be quick and easy to rent. It's the biggy, the 3-bedroom that needs hours of painting and fixing that will be fun to get rented in December. Blah. Here we go with full-time landlord job again.

Ah well. It pays well, I suppose.

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