Tuesday, January 13, 2009

EVERYONE showed up!

I had five appointments booked for yesterday to show Lottridge #1. I've learned in the past few years to double book - usually only 50% of applicants actually show up, and if you have more than one applicant there at a time, it creates interest and tension.

Anyway, they *all* showed up and it was a madhouse! Ah well. Here are the applicants:

1. Young couple, expectant mother due, like, RIGHT NOW. They've just now figured out that they drafty crummy 1-bedroom place is not suitable for a child and need to move asap. But they have a few conditions. She is on assistance and doesn't want to tell them that her gainfully employed boyfriend is living with her and chipping in. Oh, and could I falsify my rent receipts and rental agreement to show that she pays $700 per month, not $875. Because then they would be suspicious. NEXT.

2. Young family (so very young!) with a 21-month-old little girl, very polite. Mother is not working, recently lost job with plant cutbacks, is going back to college. Father works for his own parents at well-established local autobody shop - good income. They are well-spoken. Moving asap because of problems with other tenants where they currently live.

3. Young family #2 (even younger!) with a 20-month old daughter. Quiet, shy, seem unsure of themselves. Love the place (of course, everyone does). Boyfriend works but they don't make much money, barely enough to cover it. She is also on assistance, not working. She is gone back to school to get her GED. Eventually wants to go to college to be a law clerk. Medium-sized mixed dog.

4. Single dude. No references, no job (student), no visible means of support. NO.

5. Family of 4, children aged 1 & 3. Small jack russell terrier. Seem a bit obnoxious. Want to live there forever. Don't make a lot, and currently going back to renting after selling their house.

I have one more showing tomorrow night to a single father who has his two boys on the weekends.

I like option #2 a lot and called them to tell them so - but they haven't called me back! So I dunno yet. Option 5 looks good on paper, but I just didn't get a great feeling from them. I know I shouldn't go by gut feelings, but I do. I really liked the young kids with their daughter. I hope they come through for me.

We shall see!


  1. Hopefully Option 2 Family will come through! I don't like going against my gut feelings - I've never been wrong when I pay attention to them, and have sometimes been wrong when I don't.

    How is the economy where you are? Things are starting to slow down here in Alberta but nothing too drastic yet....

  2. Things are kinda tense here. Like you said, not drastic, but people are worried. The auto industry is reeling and that's still a good chunk of our labour force - especially including all those that work in companies that serve the auto plants. I'm in construction for my primary job (and Rob works for a builder as well) and housing starts are slowed way down. It's almost like everyone is holding their breath.

    For rentals though, it's booming. Properties aren't selling so it's a good time to buy, and more people are renting (waiting to buy, can't qualify for loans, returning to renting after selling a home).

  3. On one of the economic sites I follow (The Automatic Earth) they strongly advocate renting right now, rather than buying, because they figure house prices will still drop a lot further. Hopefully that means you will always have good tenants to choose among!