Monday, January 26, 2009

Trouble Brewing...

I fucking hope these kids don't burn me. They still owe me a bunch of money towards last months' rent (called Saturday as the chic got laid off last week, which sucks) to say they'll just pay ALL of it this weekend instead of half and half last weekend and this one, as they were planning. Blargh. I've only got $100 of their money as insurance and I hope that's enough. He can afford the rent without her income but still - if they bail Rob is going to have a shit-fit. As am I. Honestly - I had so many good applicants for this place, and these guys are still great, as long as they come through.

If they bail, I quit. ;) I will never rent to another promising young couple again. Unless they have kids and are stuck with each other. I mean it this time.

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