Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Today is the day

And next time I think I'm going to demand a shorter closing. Sixty days is a pain in the ass - way too long. We could have wrapped this up a month ago! Ah well.

But I'm getting my keys in about two hours, and I have 7 appointments scheduled tonight to view the upstairs 1-bed. I hope I rent it quickly and can concentrate on the ground floor. It's going to be an interesting item to rent. I listed it at $950 just to see what happens and I haven't gotten any serious bites. We shall see. It currently looks like crap, so that might be why! I think I'm going to have to come down in price though. I wrote a really nice intro letter to the existing inherited tenant, and included a little questionairre about her needs/wants, hoping that she'd send it back to me (even included a self-addressed stamped envelope). I threw in one of my magnets! Yep, I made magnets with my cell # and name on them for my tenants' fridge. I am awesome. Ha.

She didn't send it back so now my seriously shy self has to call her up and remind her to pay me, a complete stranger, on Saturday. I hope things go smoothly. At least the old owners were fairly young as well, so she won't be thinking I'm some punk kid.

Next planning stage is the party next weekend! WOOT!

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