Sunday, October 26, 2008

Closer yet and tenant drama

Well, only a few more days to go! We had the inspection yesterday and I'm not worried about anything. Fortunately (or unfortunately) the furnace is still working. Everything looks good to get the third floor rented ASAP. The first floor needs work, of course, but shouldn't be a problem. I can't wait to start messing around in the basement.

Speaking of basements, we've ripped out part of the drywall at Lottridge and the water is definitely seeping, not actively leaking. That's good. Hopefully new downspouts take care of that problem.

And my choice tenants for Lottridge #2 flaked out again! So I still haven't seen any of their money. Apparently they couldn't find their phone, which was turned off, so I couldn't leave a message. Last time they had car trouble. The time before that they had lost the phone CHARGER so it was dead and I couldn't leave a message. They still want the place but I'm worried what it's going to be like every month! This time they even knew where we were going to be -working at the house. If they were really serious, they would have come over.I've called back the other lady and I think she still wants it. Here's hoping. But apparently the young kids still want it too...sigh. I'm going to have to pull out the Rob factor on this one - he has had enough chasing around.

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