Wednesday, October 8, 2008

This is getting a bit ridiculous

Ha! My great always pays never bothers me tenant got a new job. In London. Sooo...she gave me notice for December 1. YIPPEE freaking woo.

But hey, she gave me mostly proper notice (I am NOT a dick and won't begrudge her 8 days late on a 60-day notice). And I already have 3 people coming to see it Friday night, one of whom is super anxious and thinks she will love it. Here's hoping. The tenant is really neat and is planning on being out before the end of November so hopefully turnover will be a breeze.

The website has 4 of 7 units vacant. Isn't that great? Especially when I'm supposed to be coming up with several thousand dollars for a down payment and closing costs in three weeks. Fun. Hopefully one of the prospects turns out and I'll have a bonus first and last in the next week or so. 2 of the 7 units are in the new house so they don't really count, and the fourth is the basement which I have to fix up. So not as bad as it seems.

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