Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I am an awesome landlord

Haha - I wish! Anyway, I got two very very good applicants for the apartment on Friday night.

Oooh, first an aside story to let you know how absolutely fucking frustrating this business can be. I set appointments up maximum two days before showing because otherwise people find something and cancel on me. At 2pm Friday afternoon I made an appointment with "Missy". She really wanted to come see it but worked until 6 so made an appointment for 7:15. It would have been my last appointment of the day. At 6:15 "Trish" called me and booked for 7:30. I figured I might as well just stay there (my 6:45 showed up at 6:30, my 6:30 didn't show up at all, so I had to wait around for an hour).

Anyway, "Missy" never showed up at 7:15 and Trish never showed up at 7:30! Gah! They had talked to me mere HOURS before! No calls to cancel or re-schedule, just no-shows. Then, to top it all off, Missy emailed me YESTERDAY (Tuesday) to say that she'd had to work late on Friday and could she please come see the apartment today? DKFakhIHJFKDSJ$@&*(@&(#*~! Phew. I feel better now.

Anyway. The tenants. Two very good applicants - one a young (27) recently engaged couple, both working at decent jobs, seem very with it and intelligent, getting married next September and saving their money accordingly. I would place good money on a bet that they buy and move before a year is up. They say 2 years - we shall see. The second a mid-40s woman and her boyfriend, moving from Owen Sound. No job lined up yet, but will be easy to get one since she's a cleaning lady, and a sizeable amount in the bank from proceeds of home sale after a divorce last year. Her daughter's fiance is dying of leukemia here in Hamilton and she wants to be nearer, and along with that, farther from her ex (not the daughter's father). She'll probably be here for awhile, but the no job right now thing is sticky.We decided to go with the kids. It was a tough decision and I really got a good feeling from the mom. So I went on a hunch and offered her the 1-bed 3rd floor at the new house (yes, the one I don't even own yet). She may only be there for a few months but it gets me through the winter and I can concentrate solely on getting the 3-bed fixed, painted, and rented before Christmas. It's quite a bit smaller than the Lottridge 1-bed but she accepted! On photos! She just wants to get down here and take care of her daughter. I am guessing that when the fiance dies she'll move out, but it'll be spring by then (she's moving in Dec. 1).

Anyway, everyone is happy and I am totally awesome. Edited to add - everyone is happy and I am totally awesome except I really do feel bad about the leukemia-dying fiance. I am not a total asshole. ;)

And I also just realized that the mom is a CLEANING LADY. The very thing I have been trying to hire to no avail. Hmmmm...

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