Thursday, December 20, 2007


I am just now calm enough to be able to write this out. Man was I MAD.

I was worried on Tuesday that perhaps the tenant did not clearly understand about last months' rent and 60 days notice. So I called and left a message saying that hey - it's the law to give 60 days notice! So you'll be paying your rent on January 1st and if we find someone to rent Feb. 1 and you are out I will go above and beyond and return your last months' rent. Otherwise, it is gonzo. I will do my best to find a tenant but February is not easy.

So she calls me back Tuesday afternoon and says in that sicky-sweet liar voice "I talked to a lady at the tribunal and she said I could use my last months' rent for January as long as I'm out by February 1..."


I know you are lying. The tribunal people would never advise you to break the law. And it is very very clear in the 2006 Landlord Tenant Act - Thou shalt give thy landlord notice of two rental periods, the second one being your redeemable LAST MONTH. I clearly explained this to her, and pointed out that also - she had signed an effing contract with that exact statement.

Soooo....she's not paying the rent January 1, you know it. She has a "friend" who might move in and take over payments. I do NOT think so. Out you go. I'll list the place and try to find someone and if they don't pay Jan. 1 we're filing in court and then she'll find out who the tribunal really is.

So I listed the place, and seriously - who is looking for an apartment the week before Christmas?

Well - Lance the perfect tenant is! I am so shit-lucky it's not even funny. Lance and his wife of 11 years are splitting, but she gets the house, he gets the mortgage payment. He and his daughter from a previous relationship are still living in the marital home but it's --- awkward. He is the General Manager of a well-known children's playset-making company, he has good credit, he owns his own vehicle, he doesn't smoke and doesn't have pets. His 17-year-old daughter LOVES the third floor loft room and he loves the big kitchen and bathroom.

First and last is paid and Lance-the-man is movin' in as soon as the ladies are out. Oh, and Lance is also paying slightly more per month than the ladies were. He's getting an extra-special move-in gift.

GET OUT LADIES. You and your lying jerk mouths.

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