Sunday, December 2, 2007


Because, you know what? That's a lot of sidewalk to shovel. I woke up early-ish today to see 10cm + of snow outside, and getting warmer by the minute. So I guess I was feeling peppy, needed the exercise, and didn't want the snow to get any heavier. I walked over to the other house (my car is currently buried) and shovelled all the sidewalks. I looked it up and I have 111m of street frontage sidewalk to shovel. Plus three walkways. Good workout.

Then when I came home I figured I might as well shovel our frontage and walkway as well. Holy crap I got a workout. It started to rain while I was doing all this so I'm kinda glad I didn't wait. I also dug my car out.

Then at 4-ish I had to go get the rent from #1 tenant, and just as I was heading out the door the plow came and I'm buried up to the driver's side window. Fuck me. So I walked 4 blocks, in the pouring rain and slushy snow, to pick up my rent. But hey, it's 900 bucks, so I guess that's alright.

Tomorrow morning, however, is going to be a bitch to get to work. The streets are destroyed. All that snow is blocking catchbasins, and the pouring rain has nowhere to go. Besides the fact that my tiny car is in a mountain of snow.


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