Saturday, December 1, 2007

Well, that went well

#2 tenant was working afternoons, as suspected. Paid today. #1 tenant had a last-minute chance to go to Niagara Falls, so she's paying tomorrow. Upstairs guy I haven't seen today.

Talked to #2 and everything is going really well over there. I love her, and she loves my house, which is great. I hope that she stays there forever. She even liked my magnets I made with my new phone number. Which I have to admit, were pretty freaking sweet.

We actually started the bathroom. It's all gutted now except the tub surround, which we don't want to do until we absolutely need to. The damage is better than I expected in some places. Installed new shut offs at the sink, which no longer exists, ripped out all the old crappy wall tiles, the stupid huge cabinet and counter top are gone. A good day's work!

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