Thursday, December 13, 2007

Snow removal

I think I need to hire someone to take care of the snow removal and lawn maintenance at the triplex. I wonder how you go about doing that? I was thinking of a $75/month contract (December to February), and that way if it snows a lot, I'm alright, but if it snows a little bit, they do alright.

Or, $35 per snowfall. But that could get expensive, especially the way this year is going. I don't even know who would do something like that! To me - wouldn't it be nice to pick up $75 extra a month, tax-free, just for shovelling a bit of sidewalk once in awhile?

It's coming down hard right now, we'll probably see 6" again if it keeps up. And we're both at work. Tonight I won't be home until 9:30-ish, and who knows when Rob will be home. Tomorrow is my work Christmas party, and you know what? I hate getting up early in the morning, ESPECIALLY to shovel snow. Gah. Especially to shovel snow 4 blocks away.

And seriously - we're planning for a third house in July. So next winter will be damn impossible. 111m of frontage kills my shoulders, I don't think I could do two houses.

Lawn maintenance could continue on the same sort of contract. This year with the drought, we mowed the triplex for the final time in mid-July. Horrible, eh? But seriously - the grass just did not grow at all after that! I would pull out weeds whenever I went over there, but it didn't need mowing. In a wet summer, it could need mowing once a week.

Agh. Rob hates spending money, but I don't see him over there shovelling either! He'll just say - "They can wait". But they can't. I don't want to be that kind of landlord. Blah.

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