Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My first book

Ha! Well, maybe. It's possible, right?

I mean, when I was in highschool I wanted to be a writer. But there was a healthy dose of practicality and a good salting of dreading poverty in my personal make-up. Here I was, good at math and science-y stuff, and somebody said "Engineers make good stable incomes!" so off I went. I mean, I could write on the side, but I certainly couldn't make engineering-type wages on the side!

12 years later and my sum total of writing happens in my blogs. Pft. I mean, that's cool and everything but it's not exactly soul-satisfying, you know? And somewhere in the last twelve years I've developed a fairly strong aversion to most fiction. Unless it is incredibly artistic and well-crafted, it just feels like junk food for the brain to me. And one thing I'm good at is self-assessment, and I know I will never be that writer. I'm not an artist, I'm a craftsman. There's a difference. So how can I write stories when my own writing makes me cringe?

Anyway, this post *IS* landlord-related, I promise. Rob has proposed that I write a book about our experiences in property investment. Obviously this would be a long-term project as how the hell can someone with 3 properties and 5 years experience write with authority?! So these are the chapters and title he's proposed:

Title: Minimum = Maximum Profit
"always put down min and eventually you have max"
chapter 1 - tell the story of the vision
chapter 2 - the research, the A word at the book store
chapter 2 - the first buy
chapter 3 - the change in plans
chapter 4 - the spreadsheet to buy or not to buy
chapter 5 - the circle of friends
chapter 6 - replacing people in the circle with better ones
chapter 7 - the long term spreadsheet
chapter 8 - min payments pay off
chapter 9 - max profits
chapter 10 - explaination of a hard road but acheiveable

Book 2 - Minimum costs = Maximum Tenants
chapter 1 - the beginning of the screening process
chapter 2 - the revising of application forms
chapter 3 - where to advertise
chapter 4 - advertise with the times
chapter 5 - etc
end of book - funny stories of your experiences

I think the end of book two would be fairly bulky.

Now obviously this is currently all a pipe dream, but I suppose it is possible. It would be a very personal type book, not dry and legal like most real-estate investment books. A lot of anecdotal information, directed at a Canadian audience, first-person-experience type information. A starter book for people who want to invest but think they can't/don't have the money/are afraid.

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  1. That would be cool! I've always wanted to write a book. One of my friends from high school had his published. (I think he may have published it himself online, but it's still cool to see your book for sale on Amazon.com)