Friday, February 13, 2009

Fully Occupied again!

Well - almost. Aside from the basement at Lottridge which is not currently habitable. Silly water. Who wants to come smash up a floor and help us install subdrains and a sump pump? Doesn't that sound like fun! Come on!

No? Well, pfft then.

Anyway - Lottridge #2 still hasn't paid for February but my gut is still telling me that he's not lying about waiting on his disability money. And his girlfriend left him as well. That's gotta suck. Once he gets his settlement he's paying me 3 months up front and he figures he'll be back at work after that. Here's hoping. But he's been in touch with me every day and I guess I was feeling charitable. Some people I go after right away (first eviction) because I just can TELL they're lying or hiding. But I don't get that vibe from this kid. Here's hoping I don't regret it!

Lottridge #1 is paid up and lease signed! Yay! I still have to clean the carpets tomorrow - was supposed to do it today but meh. Didn't feel like it. And they're not moving in until next week anyway so they said no biggie.

Other than that things are going pretty good.

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