Monday, May 25, 2009

The eve of closing day

Well, our first foray into the 30-day close seems to have gone off without a hitch. We signed all the papers at the lawyers' office today (Vince was surprised and happy to see us only a month after the last time we were in there!) and apparently the keys are already there, just waiting for the transfer of funds tomorrow. Yay! It was nice moving so quickly.

I have the units listed but it's a terrible time for that - nobody ever looks at the end of the month. I'll get better traffic next week. At least I hope so! I have to have people in there paying rent by the end of the month. :) I'm not super worried though, I've never had trouble before. We'll see what happens! I've been cruising the ads and it looks like I'm middle ballpark on similar units, which is exactly where I aim to be.

Rob is incapacitated due to his gaping leg wound (dumbass) so I'm extra glad that this is a no-effort property. Just a few small things to get done and we're good to go. I'll have to see if my mom can help with the carpet cleaner because I can't lift that up and down the stairs. Other than that we'll be fine.

Yay house #4!!! Now we're on to the next project for a little while: parenthood. Yikes. That should be interesting. ;)

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