Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cutting the floor - subdrain installation

Against my better judgement (ie this is just a job for a pro, honestly) and to save $3000, we are installing the subdrain/weeping system/sump pump at Lottridge ourselves.
Part one was demo which involed ripping down drywall and insulation that had gotten wet, and exposing as much of the walls as we needed to - which is most of it.
Today we rented a fancy-schmancy masonry chop saw at home depot. On a side note - do you think it's a problem when the HD tool rental hit recognizes you by name? Haha. Anyway, the saw is working great on the ceramic tile and the thankfully very thin layer of concrete underneath. It is making one hell of a mess though! Which is why I get to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine in case rob cuts an arm off or something. Pregnant landlords are not terribly helpful when you're blowing clouds of pulverized ceramic around!
Ah well - I think this is as much about getting to use the big saw as it is about being cheap. But being cheap is good too!
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