Monday, August 25, 2008

And on it goes

Apparently, the sellers were really "busy" today - both work shifts or something like that so they wanted to extend the offer. Whatever. They have three showings booked for today and one of them was a second viewing. They're trying to stall so that they can get a bidding war going!

But anyway - I'm not in a rush, they're the ones that are sitting on a pile of money, so we wrote back our final offer and gave them until tomorrow at 10pm to decide. The best part is that we received their written counteroffer - $196,900. That, my friends, is $197K, not $196K. Good luck with that. This is a rental building in Hamilton we're talking about - not exactly the hottest market on the planet. There are a fixed number of investors in this city.

We signed it back at $189,900, just to be equally jerky as them. They have until tomorrow at 10pm and I'm not going any higher. It's take it or leave it time.

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