Tuesday, May 13, 2008

All done.

Yay, kiddo is out! So, from the first of April until now - that's not too bad. It went more smoothly than I could have hoped. He's actually been "gone" for a week or two, but didn't get that he had to return my keys for it to really be done. I ended up calling his mom and leaving a detailed message so that maybe she could give him a kick in the ass. She called this morning and told me they'd gotten the rest of his stuff and left the keys last night. So (phew) I don't have to call the sherriff.

This gives me time to clean it up, and get it rented for June. That would be nice. The basement kids might even want it, for that matter. That would be even nicer. For some reason the basement is easier to rent.

Apparently he's moved back in with his dad and lost his job. He should have just called me and told me - now he's got an eviction on his record. Dummy.

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