Monday, January 15, 2007

Now the fun (not) truly begins

Booked the house/fire inspection this morning. $550 for that. He's coming on Saturday which is good, since I don't want to take time off work for that.

Rob is arranging the deposit to the seller's agent. $5000.

Arranged financing with mortgage broker. $5270 CMHC fees because we are only putting down 3%. At least they'll roll that into the mortgage. 5.2% 5-year fixed rate mortgage.

Called lawyer to let him know documents were on their way, gave him the heads up. $1500 for fees and disbursements.

Gave the insurance company the heads-up that we'd be swarming them soon. I don't know what that will be $$-wise.

And good God, I have to buy my license stickers ($75) and my professional license needs renewal (Happy Birthday, give us $250!).

Buying a house ain't cheap!

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