Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Are we crazy? Yes, we are!

Holy man. We're standing on the precipice, about to take the plunge. Teetering there, every day asking "Are you sure? Should we?"

The make or break moment is fast approaching. We have crazy people willing to lend us vast mortgages for basically nothing, we have a hard-working real estate agent, and we have a plan. Hopefully the plan is solid and the numbers crunch together properly. We shall see. This is not short-term riches, but long-term savings and retirement plan. However, you still want to at least break even while you're paying for these types of investments. are some of the houses we're looking at:

33 Nightingale, 3-plex, nets about $200 a month:

203 Grenfell, another 3-plex, does alright:

143 Avondale, 4-plex, good income, bad-ish neighborhood:

And then, the top of the line, 21 Proctor. If you know Hamilton at all, this is a beautiful street and even in bad landlord times tenants line up to rent here. This is expensive and barely within our top price range. But it actually makes money, since the rent is high:

This is only a few of what we're looking at. We're going to see these places tonight. We've already seen 6 and completely eliminated 4 of them. Of the other 2, one is still a maybe, the other is a definite yes but unfortunately they JUST accepted someone else's offer. Bah. Snipers.

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