Wednesday, January 13, 2010

long neglected Blog...

Wow! It's been 2 months since an update. But I have been busy and all I guess. Ha. My last little update was about the busted property on king. He did not accept our offer. We are sitting tight to see If he'll be more amenable to a low offer in a few months - he hasn't had even a whisper since our offer and the building is not getting any better. I think one of his tenants has moved out also and yesterday we saw a city notice to comply for the trash piled in the alley. I'm thinking he'll be a bit more desperate in a few months.

In the meanwhile though we've just been to see a 23-unit building. Hahahahaha. But seriously, financing is getting to be a challenge no matter how big the mortgage so why not go for 3/4 of a million? LOL. That's insane. Either way I don't think this one is for us. But we are definitely going to be looking soon for something a bit bigger than the Victorians. Yikes.

On the tenant front, I have an impending turnover in the basement at Spadina. It was easy though and the new tenant will be moving in in February. She's very young but has financial support from CAS until she's 21 and still in school. Here I go again being a social service as well as a landlord but I just can't help giving these kids a shot in life. We both feel like we could possibly make a difference in their lives - maybe starting out in our cute little place will make the difference between success and failure in her life - and change the pattern that put her in foster care and living on her own at 18. I'm probably bring idealistic. We also have this fantasy about meeting a kid like this who really proves that she wants to work hard and succeed - and we can help a bit more than just rent to her - sort of be a benefactor type deal.

Crazy, I know. I just think there are so many people who would be in a different life if not for just a tiny hand up...either the existance of the hand up or the lack thereof.

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