Monday, July 6, 2009

The economy finally brushes up against us

My slightly dopey but always ideal-tenant young guy has been laid off. This is Sanford #3, the attic 1-bed. It shouldn't be too hard to re-rent, at least. I feel bad for him, he's a great guy! At least he's doing the responsible thing and moving home to take care of things until he finds other work. Still - he's just finished his apprenticeship as a millwright - remember when that was guaranteed employment (and DAMN GOOD pay)?

So I'm off to get it listed and the webpage updated. Hopefully I can get it filled for August 1. He'll be out before that and the place will be spotless, he is an immaculate person. I'm giving him a break on his last month (calling this his last month and not charging him for it, even though it could backfire for me). He's been a good tenant and I don't like to kick people when they're down..

What am I dreading most about this placement? I have to climb 3 flights of stairs to show this place! Ha. This pregnant thing is starting to get in the way.

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