Thursday, June 11, 2009

100% occupied, Zero Vacancies

How awesome am I? Hahaha. In 20 days from closing, counting a weekend away, I have three out of three units in the new house rented AND PAID. That's pretty sweet. I love the second floor people (the ones with the restaurant that we and our friends like to go to). The first floor people I'm a little worried about - they're young and I fear that they will be pretty high maintenance if I don't rein them in quick. They just need a little training is all. The last one, the basement, was paid up as of today - he's not moving in until July 1. Works two jobs though, and seems like a good kid. Hopefully we don't have anything weird happen. Two sets of tenants are taking possession on Monday (well, Sunday actually) but the second floor family isn't going to be moving in completely until the next weekend.

NOW it's party time! Yay! We have a bit of a hoedown every time we buy a house, it's fun. Gives us an excuse to entertain. And especially since we don't have a big enough house to have parties here, it's fun for us. We also invite the new tenants (and selected tenants from other houses that we like and deserve an appreciation nod) for a burger and a beer. BBQ and beer and rock band if you're into that - sitting around chatting if you're not. It's a goodwill deal. Plus it makes it tax deductable...shhh...

Rob finally got ahold of someone at the collection agency that we referred my deadbeat ex-tenant to (he owes us about $600) a year ago. They have been incommunicado since then, and I was not exactly happy with their customer service (ie NO service). Well, it turns out that they might be taking him to small claims court? Errr...a phone call about that would have been awesome! So I need to get that sorted out, I'm not paying court costs just so the kid can stiff us some more. Blood from a stone and all that. I just want it on his credit record so if he ever tries to buy a car or house or something he has to settle us up. That will be so satisfying. It's not worth going to the ends of the earth for a lousy 600 bucks, you know? But apparently the collectors will pay the court fees and just add that to the judgement. Heck, if they're up for that, go for it - maybe they'll go after him harder in that case.

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