Friday, March 14, 2008


Today, I am sick of being a landlord.

Awesome perfect tenant backed out of the upstairs unit. She had a good reason (and damn it I am not going to allow this business to turn me into the type of person who wonders if she was lying!) since her boyfriend in Ottawa got into a car accident and she's moving up there to help him recuperate. Still. Now I have to rent it AGAIN. At least she's paid two months rent. If I get someone in for April 1, I'll refund her a month.

That's what I'm doing right now - waiting around for the next potential to show up. So far, two nos, an application taken, and a no-show. At least she called and got stuck with her sister's kids or something. Usually they don't show up and I never hear from them again. 3 minutes until the 7pm appt is a no-show. I have three more appointments tonight and one on Sunday. Blah.

The apartment was filthy too, and needs re-painting. I'm offering colour choice as a perk to the viewers though. Hopefully that works out - but I need to show it now if I have a chance of renting it for April 1.

The re-fi on the Lottridge house is in process. I will be surprised if we get what we hope, but even $15K will be totally sweet and we can start looking again. Sigh. And have MORE tenants, more snow to clear, and more painting to do.

Seriously, it's worth it! :) I just feel that the last few months have been a constant revolving door. I mean - #1 Lottridge changed hands in January, #2 Lottridge in February, and #3 Lottridge and the upstairs here are both changing hands April 1. Craziness! No turnover for a year and then this happens!

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