Wednesday, April 4, 2007


I'm a terrible updater, eh? Ha. Too busy.

What's up in my life lately? The upstairs tenant moved in to the new house, loves it (of course). Her kids are great, she's super polite, and I hope they stay for a long, long time. It looks like they will, though. They think this is the nicest apartment they have ever seen! Her sister and brother-in-law were actually asking if we had anything else like it. :)

Downstairs is not flying off the shelf, but I haven't done any serious tenant-looking yet. It goes in the paper next weeek-ish so that should be okay. Really, we should get those last few things finished rather than saying to prospectives "This will be done before you move in...". Unfortunately, I need their deposit to do the work! :) My brother and his girlfriend are looking for a place right now, and they're sorta interested. Which would make things easy/difficult. I think it's more than they should be paying, but they really like it. I'm trying to steer him towards something almost as nice, but cheaper. I don't want to bankrupt my baby brother!

Besides the landlording, I'm finally relaxing a teensy bit. Work is insane, and I am SO looking forward to the long weekend. SO MUCH. You have no idea.

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